This is a brief post just to let you know that the MTXTunnelv5.4 is already available. This new version of MTXTunnel is totally compatible with previous versions. Basically, it has two new features in addition to the many that it already has:

On one hand it allows telemetries to be sent via GPRS socket or HTTP (i.e. the state of digital and analog inputs) when there is a change in digital inputs or an analog value is over/under the limit. In previous versions, telemetries could be sent periodically every X amount of time, now they are sent when something changes. It works in the following way: once it detects a “trigger condition”, the states of all digital and analog inputs are read and sent to a remote server.


On the other hand, you can configure MTXTunnelv5.4 as a GPRS ModBus-TCP to ModBus-RTU gateway just by simply adding the following parameter to the configuration file:  ”MTX_gatewayModBus: on”


As always the User Manual includes working examples. Specific examples with these new characteristics are numbers 2.13 and 2.14 in pages 185 and 187 respectively.


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2 Responses to “New MTXTunnelv5.4 Available”
  1. Fabian says:

    Hola Jose, mi pregunta es con el MTXtunnel 5.2 no se podria hacer un boton de alarma, es decir que al oprimir un botol (cambio en entrada digital), se produzca el envio de un SMS a varias personas????
    ¿O solo se puede hacer con el MTXtunnel 5.4?
    Gracias por tu colaboración.
    Fabian V

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