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Today I am going to write a small post with a new Java example for Siemens modems, it follows on from the post with examples that I wrote a few days ago. I will be posting more examples from time to time that you can use. If you ever want to share any examples or ideas with me they will be gladly received. ;)

Programación java Siemens


Description: it’s a basic FTP application with Java for Siemens modems. It creates a FTP connection and it creates a file called “file.txt” in the remote server and it contains “123”. All you have to do it modify the code line where the login, password and FTP server are that you want to use.

Valid for modems: TC65, XT65, TC65T, MTX65 y MTX65+G

I want to comment on one detail from the examples that I posted the other day. I posted all of the examples in the format EXAMPLE_xxx. Well all of the examples work perfectly with the command AT^SJRA but if you put that name in the AT^SCFG command’s “Userware/Autostart/AppName” so that the application starts automatically, it will not work. Don’t write the underscore (_) in your .jar file’s name for autostarting.

Right that’s it for today, it’s my daughter’s birthday today and I want to set up the Wii that I bought her before she gets home. And no it’s not a boomerang gift, I’m more of a Playstation guy. :) I will automatically get myself a PS3 as a gift before the end of the year. See you next time.

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