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You will possibly at some point have to make a Java programme for Cinterion modems TC65 or XT65 where you have to capture data (digital and analog inputs, GPS positions, snaps by the serial port etc.) and store them in an internal file in the flash so that they can later be sent to a central server.

Today I am posting a small Java example to do the second part; the data is sent via FTP to a central server. A long time ago I wrote a few posts with many Java examples including:

In the latter there was an FTP example. This today will elaborate more which will allow you to directly upload a file stored in your modem’s flash memory to a server via FTP. You can download the project and the source code from the example here­.


To test it out without any complications, follow the step by step. Create a file called “data.txt” with the data that you want inside and save it in your TC65/XT65 modem’s FLASH memory (in the root directory). After, import the sample project from Eclipse. Open the file in which you will see that some variables are read from the file EjemploFTP.jad.

If you open the file EjemploFTP.jad you will see that you have to set the following properties:

gprs-timeout: 20
remote-file: fichero.txt
user: MiUserDeFTP
pass: MiPasswordDeFTP
remote-dir: TEST
gprs-user: MOVISTAR
gprs-pass: MOVISTAR

Adjust them to your needs, indicating the remote file name (the name that is saved in your FTP server), your FTP server’s IP, the FTP server’s username and password, the folder to store the file (make sure that the folder is created before running the application) and the rest of the parameters that you already know.

Once you have changed the jad properties to your liking, compile the program and run it, you will see how to upload the data.txt file stored within the modem’s FFS to your FTP server. I’m sure that it will be useful occasionally. 

Finally, although it’s a little late (I have been out of action due to a small operation on my eyelids), as this is the first post of the year I would simply like to wish everyone the best for 2010.

I’ll be back with more another day. ;)

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