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Whoever works with MTX65i or MTX65+G (or TC65i or XT65 modules) will know that to save/ modify/ rename/ delete files and applications inside a device we use a tool called MES that is installed when we install the development environment Eclipse.

This MES (note, not all versions) has a number of command-line utilities i.e. console utilities. These utilities can be very useful to automate production processes as it is easy to automate the load of applications inside the modem.

The MES console applications are:


Before using any of them for the first time, you must register the DLL activeX called MESShellExt.dll in the PC, so we execute the file named “register.bat” which is in charge of this. As soon as the DLL is registered, we can use the utilities.

The first one that we should use is called MESPort. With this, the PC’s COM port that we want to use is specified. To do this we need to do the following:


And then we can use the utilities that we need. For example, with MESDir we can list the contents of the modem’s memory i.e. we list the files that are inside the modem.


With MESCopy we can copy files from our PC to the modem. This is very interesting when producing our devices.

There are lots of other utilities, like MESDel (to delete files), MESFormat (to format the modem’s FFS), MESMKDir (to create a folder) etc.

Anyway there’s a whole set of useful utilities. Another important thing is that you can run Win7 64bits no problem. Some time ago I started to develop an MES graphic for Win7 64bits based on these utilities, it was only half done. We will see if I fancy doing it I will finish it.


Until next time! ;)  

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