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If you have ever developed devices within the category that we might call “on-board” (devices for cars, buses, trains etc.). Did you know that one of the biggest and most common problems is related to vibrations?

The problem is accentuated especially if the device that we are designing is going to use USB peripherals, for example if you are connecting a memory pen drive, a USB video camera, GPRS, 3G modem etc. From short to medium term, if vibrations are intense, it’s easy to see how USB devices don’t work as they fall out. A few developers even use silicone in order to attach USB connectors and avoid this problem.

You already know that I don’t usually talk about connectors but I like talking about some from time to time when they stand out for a special reason. Therefore I am going to post about one of those connectors that make an engineer’s life easier. Here you have a photo of the new connector from the company Amphenol LUSB-A111-00.


If you look, you will see that the USB connector has a tab at the top. The tab tilts as indicated by the arrow, you can lift it up by pressing it with your finger.

When the tab is pulled down, two pins are fixed into the connector’s two anchor holes (any USB device has these). This way no matter how strong it is, no vibration will disconnect the USB device from our connector. It needs a force of 10Kg to release it, so you can only disconnect it if you do it intentionally.

So there you have it, another connector to consider in order to avoid typical problems and annoyances that occur when your equipment is installed in strong vibration scenarios.

I hope that it was interesting for some of your projects.



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