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Today I am going to talk about a small module from Imsys. I really think that I should have already mentioned this company as I’m sure that these types of modules will create some interest because many readers use the well-known TC65 and XT65 Cinterion modules (I will share good news about these soon).

As I was saying, I present to you the new module Snap Stamp from the company Imsys. First of all, here is a photo so that you can recognize it:

snap stamp imsys

As you can see it’s a very small module, each side measures 29mm. It is called Stamp because it’s the size of a stamp.The important thing is that this module is based on the IM3910 Java processor.  You program these modules in the same way that we program the XT65/TC65i Cinterion modules and MTX65 java (J2ME) terminals. This means that if you are already familiar with Java programming in Cinterion and MTX modules, you already know how to program the Snap Stamp module. This obviously is an incredible advantage for time-to-market for all of those who need to start a new project with a processor module, as you could have already developed the knowledge of how to use codes and Java classes in Cinterion modules and MTX terminals. It’s like the latter, compile your program (in Eclipse or Netbeans) and upload your file .JAR to the module (this case is not by OBEX but by local/remote Ethernet and then it will run).

Snap Stamp has a complete TCP/IP stack in the same way that Cinterion modules do, but it also has a web server, ftp, telnet, gestor de I/O etc.

Here are the technical specifications of the module:

• High performance multi-threaded Java execution
• Certified J2ME-CLDC virtual machine
• Four channel A/D 16-bit 44 ksps converter with optional external reference voltage
• Two D/A 16-bit 44ksps converters
 2* / 4* / 8 Mbytes Flash memory
• 8 / 32* Mbytes SDRAM
 10/100Base-T Ethernet MAC and PHY
• Optional 2nd RMII interface
 TCP/IP stack, Web/FTP/Telnet server
• Three serial ports (3.3V levels, 4-wire, 920 kb/s)
• High-speed I2C bus and SPI
• Parallel 8-bit high speed data bus
 8 to 53 General-purpose digital I/O ports
• MMC / SD card support
 Extensive I/O functions through Java APIs, including PPP, FTP, E-mail, GPIO, Timers
• Enhanced performance for special functions e.g. graphics, crypto, and floating point operations
• Rubus JOS RTOS with failsafe flash file system
• High I/O bandwidth (>650 Mbits/s DMA)
• Real time clock and calendar
• On board Temperature sensor
• 150 / 200* MHz oscillator frequency
• Commercial / Industrial* temp range
• Connection for Imsys JTAG Trace Adapter
• Reference designs available, complete with schematics and firmware for:
Dallas/Maxim 1-wire
     TFT LCD, Touch panel
       CD quality Audio

The * indicates that it is optional and they are supplied with a minimum order of parts.

Here you also have a small comparative between the Imsys processor and different processors.


I hope that you find this small module interesting. We are already aware that many people read this blog so I am sure that tomorrow I will have an email asking me a question :)


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