A few months ago I presented quite an interesting product called CDP (Cellular Development Platform) from Multitech. Let’s remember that this device is a boxed embedded PC based on a 400MHz ARM9 processor that has a GPRS modem inside, ETH port, RS232 serial port, SD card clot and optional GPS. All is mounted on an open platform based on Linux.

Just to tell you, the newly revised CDP is already available. Now you can have an HSPA internal modem at 7.2Mbps (ideal for video applications as the previous version was only GPRS) as well as something that I missed in the previous version which is an increase in the device’s inputs/outputs (as the previous version had very few). In this version the CDP has a 32-pin connector dedicated to I/Os and in which you can additionally find an SPI bus, I2C, ADC and digital inputs/outputs.

Whoever wants to see the device’s complete description as well as programming examples, the best thing to do is have a look at the website that the manufacturer created exclusively for this product:



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2 Responses to “New Multitech CDP Review”
  1. Jesus says:

    Y algo muy interesante:

    Para conectar cualquier periferico USB.

  2. Emilio says:


    Conocéis algún equipo como este que además tenga interfaz WIFI?

    Básicamente estoy buscando:


    Y deseable que sea capaz de alimentar a una cámara mediante PoE.

    Muchas gracias.

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