Nowadays it seems to be clear what PoE is and the advantages that it brings. PoE (Power over Ethernet) means that you can get a power supply through Ethernet cables. It facilitates the installation of multiple electronic systems that have an Ethernet connection, like an interface. This technology is standardized through the IEEE 802.3af and IEEE802.3at and nowadays we can find electronic devices and equipment where the manufacturer has chosen to assemble a SilverTel module.  These modules are easy to integrate as they only require a minimal amount of external components, they meet safety regulations and most importantly these days, they are low cost.

This week I heard that  SilverTel had a few new modules that can get a power supply of up to 100W through a CAT5/6 Ethernet cable for HDBaseT technology.

What is HDBaseT?

The first thing to know is that the major electronic manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Sony and Valens have formed an alliance. The idea is to promote and commercialize the HDBaseT name. This allows you to eliminate multiple cables and connections in the home and office in exchange for one CAT5/6 cable. With this one cable we can connect computers, TVs, games consoles, multimedia players etc. as you are guaranteed a 10.2 Gbps bandwidth.


I don’t understand the advantages that it offers. 

For example: Suppose you have a 1080 Full HD multimedia hard disk and the television is 100m away, how do you connect them? With a CAT5e cable both devices can be HDBaseT enabled.

But there isn’t a plug where I want to install the TV… 

You don’t need to find a plug for the TV which is 100m away from the multimedia player if we use PowerOverBaseT technology, called POH.


I don’t think that the TV is powered with this. 

Now the consumption of a 40” LED TV is around 70W, Energy Star Consortium 6.0’s intention is that all screen dimensions and LCD/LED televisions don’t reach 85W.

Great… and above all energy savings. Explain a little more what is POH exactly? 

Based on POH technology, the idea is to get data and power supply from the same CAT5/6 cable up to a maximum distance of 100m. Just like in PoE, we have devices that inject power supply, PSE and the device that is supplied with PD (in our example, the TV).

And… can’t I use PoE? I already have it working with home and office phones, do I have to get rid of PoE access points? 

No don’t throw anything away as it is compatible. If you connect a PoE telephone to the POH network, the PSE injector will recognize it and it will give it less voltage/current in order to meet the specifications, this means that you won’t need to throw away any existing devices.

Do you recognize it? How? 

When connecting a PoE or PoH device, before adding the PSE power source, power it with a couple of volts so that there is communication between them and so that the device has an internal electronic signature to show that is PoE-PoH enabled. If valid, the injector will then apply the power. If not, it’s obvious that it’s not a PoE-PoH device and no voltage is applied.

Ok. I am a manufacturer and I want to include PoH in my products. What electronics do I need? Where do I start? 

Let’s not complicate matters. The company SilverTel has a lot of experience with PSE injector modules and PoE, PoE+ and PoE Ultra extractors. It has just released some new modules (Ag6600 and Ag5600) which are compatible with the standard PoH for HDBaseT. They have been preparing for PoH for 7 years. With these modules you won’t need to meet the standard, with a minimal amount of components your electronics will be ready.

It seems like this is directed towards television manufacturers… 

No it’s not. There are other applications where PoH has great potential and high power is needed. Some examples are: sound amplifiers (sometimes built into the speaker), point of sale terminals with screens, signage applications and display panels. It is also used to ensure that there is a CC power supply when it is essential.

I hope you liked it. It’s an interesting article written by my colleague Jesus Santos. Thank you.  ;)

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  1. Modbus says:

    Interesante artículo. Esta tecnología tiene muchísimas aplicaciones industriales y en radiofrecuencia, donde se utilizan módulos transmisores colocados en zonas de visibilidad alejadas de los puntos de red.

    Si puedes ahorrarte el cable de alimentación ahorras en tiempo de instalación y en mantenimiento.

    Un saludo y gracias por el post.

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